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Tribal Women

Detail Description about About Tribal Women

The Intellectual mass of the present world have come to a conclusion that the only strategy to development of the Nation is the development of women. This broad spectrum is not only based upon the thoughts but felt as a real need for the present society. But, the Tribal women are more conscious, more labourious and more pain-taking than the women in General Category. The ancient history tells about the role specification of women in domestic life as a catalyst to the family. Especially in this Tribal belt women are dedicating towards the very threshold of life and others are enjoying the rights and privileges in a common platform of the society. They are playing a descriptive and dramatic role on Social, Cultural and Economical development of the family which has a great influence on the Nation. Apart from their unending long run they have to afoot for their daily bread and butter. Meanwhile, their conjugal and In-laws remain idle in unusual merry-making waiting for their return awaited for their rest domestic affairs. This is the actual situation of the Tribal women of this Tribal belt.

But, regret to mention that in course of time they are suppressed, oppressed and threatened of their traditional ties and bondage by their own conjugal and In-laws and are kept in the darkness of a terrible dungeon, condemned of speech and expression. As a result of these sheer deceits they are a long way away from conventional social life by becoming slaves under circumstances. Hence, due to want of active participation of women the Tribal society has come to a deteriorating stage.

After some decades of independence, the society has realized the importance and role specification of women in present situation and has determined to get them out of this terrible dungeon and to merge them in the mainstream of life. It is also worth-admittance that the emblematical activities of women shall have an inter-action on social emancipation and spirit of National integration at the same time.

In the same anomaly it is felt-worthy and apt prioritizing the “Education”, the only media to change the life situation of women and to make them proficient enough to build up the society as well as the Nation.

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