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Geographical Area

Detail Description about Geographical Area

       The Geographical existence of the District is in a zigzag because of the villages and hamlets are usually on hill tops and slopes having been surrounded by dense forests and hills. The District covers an area of 11,094 sq kmts out of which 8365 sq kmts are covered with valleys, hills and mountains. The land shape is of a peculiar type having ups and downs with hard soil. It is situated in a higher altitude of 3200 fts above the sea level. The ray of the sun is rarely seen during rainy season and winter season. Hence, the climatic condition of this area is very cold and the atmosphere maintains sub-normal temperature regularly. The Hills, Valleys and the Rivers are the barriers to communication facility which is the baseline element of development. Cultivable lands are rarely seen in the area. All most all the hilly-dwelling inhabitants belong to Schedule Tribe and Schedule Caste and their socio-economic condition is very precarious. Their existence and survival depends upon the forest produces only.

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