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"ARASMIN" always locates the bare necessities to Conservation and Protection of Forest, Wildlife, Biodiversities, Environment, Climate Resilience, Marine Ecosystem, Lake Ecosystem, Control of Air and Water Pollution, Water and Sanitation, Disaster Management, Poverty alleviation, Subsistence Agriculture, Socio-Economic Revolutions, Health Care, Education, Human Rights, Child Education and Gender Equalization. Culture and Spiritualism are also the vital part of our activities to save the lives of the poor Tribal Community by providing Food Security, Health Security, Financial Security and Social Security. Our strategic approach for strengthening the Community Organizations are the creation of a self-reliant Society free from Poverty, Hunger and Discrimination where the empowered people will espouse the task of their own development for a subsistence life with dignity. We believe that Health, Wealth and Education are the baseline elements of Development. Unless all these three tracks are implemented simultaneously, our goals and objects will never be fulfilled. In this connection, we prefer to take-up the projects prioritizing on the development of base line Elements of the common people. ARASMIN, has been working diligently with Community participation and adopts the Community Sector Partnership and Nature-based Solutions” at all executions. The missionary zeal of our team claims to have a projection so called our ultimate mission. Our educative Community Organizations are to protect the standing elements counter parting the accelerations. Hence, the inceptions of development replace it with fruitful streams to join the mainstream of the Society.

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