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Operational Area

Detail Description about Our Operational Area

The area of operation of the organization is the entire State of Orissa but taking into consideration of the precarious situation in Tribal Lively-hood we have chosen the Tribal belt and working for the all round development of the poor Tribal community. The life situation of the hilly-dwelling poor Tribal People in the Tribal belt of ORISSA initiatives were taken to enter into the process of forming one Non-Governmental Organization. Actually, the situation of the poor Tribal people is out of imagination and so precarious that they do not get any alternative path to overcome the same. Though a number of decades have passed and countless Development programmes are adhered by the Government machinery no such tangible and visible changes are seen with the poor Tribal people and nobody takes a keen interest to find out the real cause of their sorrows and sufferings. In this juncture, we have taken an aggressive step and collective effort by means of a Networking system to provide them a peaceful Livelihood and to bring them to the mainstream of the present society. The incorporated member N.G.Os. are SHEWA, AVASS and SISTERS ADORERS HOME, who are working adjacently to our area of operation and the important feature of this Networking is to encounter the Anti-social elements exploiting the poor Tribal people and looting their lively-hood. Moreover, this Networking system provides us a common scientific way of thinking, taking decisions in a collective manner and conducting training programs and workshops in a common platform. The major objects of the program are displayed here under as an emerging process.

1. To keep the poor Tribal people far away from loans and exploitations which are the most detrimental elements of Tribal lively-hood.

2. To strengthen the socio-economic and socio-cultural status of the poor Tribal people in order to merge them in the mainstream of the present society and lead a peaceful life.

3. To preserve their rights on LAND, FOREST and CULTURE which are the baseline elements of the Tribal lively-hood.

4. To provide Social Security, Financial Security and Health Security in order to challenge the Anti-social elements counter-parting the accelerations.

5. Overall, to provide FOOD SECURITY, HEALTH SECURITY, SOCIAL SECURITY and FINANCIAL SECURITY and to protect the Lively-hood of the poor Tribal people.

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