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Environmental degradation during these present days has become a Global Issue. Degradation of Land and Forest, Extinction of Wild Animals, diminishing Biological diversity and Raise of Temperature are the acute problems and the vital cause of Environmental degradation. It is a broad concept which includes pollution of various biological and physical components of the planet as a result of which the entire world is going to be destroyed.

In this juncture, we have thought it wise and gainful to work on the endangered species and trying for enrichment of Forest, restoration of degraded lands, Conservation of Nature, Biodiversity, Control of Pollution, Restoration of Environment and Climate Change. On the other hand, the lives of all Wild Animals like Tigers, Elephants, Bears, Deer and Wild Bores can be saved. All the village Forests are being developed which will generate fresh Air, clean Water and create a congenial atmosphere for the lives of all. Hence, vigorous awareness campaigns with appropriate actions are being taken in a regular manner on Restoration of Forest, protection of Environment and conservation of Biodiversity.

  • We have formed Forest Protection Committees in 360 villages and “Quick Response Teams” to catch the Poachers and hunters and having regular interactions with the people to protect the Forest, Environment and wildlife.
  • Awareness campaigns are being done for restoration of Forests and forest-fire during summer season in order to save the wild animals, insects, herbal plants and sprouts so as to promote the lively-hoods of all creatures.
  • Awareness programmes and knowledge sharing is being done to the Forest-dweller poor community on Carbon Foot-print.
  • Awareness campaigns are being done not to plant Banana trees in forest area and not to disturb the wild animals.
  • Moreover, awareness campaigns are being done for the Tribal people being persuaded by the Forest MAFIAS and Contractors to be involved in the social crimes like Poaching wild animals and Cutting the Timbers.
  • As regards to the coverage of area, we cover about 32,000 hectors of Forest lands and work for the wild animals in collaboration with our community members.


ARASMIN is an active member of the “Wildlife Institute of India” and as such we are trying our level best to protect the Wild Animals like Elephants, Tigers, Wild Birds, Peacocks and migrated Birds so as to avoid different types of Natural Calamities and en-hazards in order to accelerate the human life-cycle. Wildlife animal prominently means to the Elephant only which is the only friend of Human beings and Environment and create “Green Balaya” in the Jungle. It has lots of contributions for the human life-cycle, biodiversity and ecosystem. They play the most important and faithful role to Save the Nature. The bare survival of this world depends upon the wide range of population of Elephants.

But, all the anti-social elements are involved with Elephant poaching, Tiger poaching, Deer poaching and hunting of different Animals and Birds. The most innocent herbivorous species “The Elephants” which is honoured as the National Heritage Animal of India are in endangered situation and looking for their bare survival. They are the spent victims of Human abuse and unlawful attacks, where as since time immemorial, all the living beings are staying in one Ecosystem and the life of Human beings is intertwined with Nature and all wildlife animals. Hence, it is apt prioritizing to save this precious wildlife animal.

Since last seven years we have been working in two Elephant corridors in our Kandhamal District and one Tiger Reserve is also adjacent to our area of operation. Moreover, we do have our field office in the Elephant Corridor site at Urladani Gram Panchayat under M. Rampur Block of Kalahandi District where we are taking the following strategies to save their lives:

  • We have formed wildlife Protection Committees in 60 Tribal predominated villages to combat the Poachers and to strengthen the Patrolling system by the youth organizations towards the protection of Elephants and special monitoring during the Monsoon.
  • Integrated awareness programmes are being conducted on “Enrichment of Forest”, Safe Water and the “Rights of the wildlife animals” with feed backs to protect the Elephant Corridors, development of Infrastructure of concerned area landscape, and Natural Reservoirs in Forest Area.
  • Awareness campaigns are being conducted on the value of Forests, Environment, Biodiversity and Wild animals and how to protect them from the endangered situations with different strategies.
  • Special attention is being given on the “Elephant Conservation” at the new habitat created by them in Urladani Gram Panchayat area of M.Rampur Block in Kalahandi District for the better movement and growth of Elephants.
  • Intensive awareness programmes are being done covering 360 villages of Kalahandi, Bolangir and Kandhamal Districts not to destroy the Tiger Habitats and Elephant Habitats in order to keep the Wild Animals healthy and reduce the Human-Animal Conflict.
  • We are tackling the Animal-Human Conflicts (AHC) through Integrated Counseling and payment of the exact amount of Compensation and Ex-gratia on the death of Human beings by making lobby and advocacy before the officers of the concerned Department.
  • The community members are also advised to provide a clean and clear Data for the assessment of loss which will facilitate the Forest Department to recoup their loss without delay. As such, a number of people have availed this benefit from the Government.
  • Regular supervision is being done by our community members on wood firing during summer seasons in order to save all precious wild Animals like Elephants and Tigers by using Mobile Apps to get the quick information of the Area.
  • Moreover, the authority of Electricity Department and Highway authorities are being aware and requested to take a keen interest and precautionary measures for persistent Elephant Conservation.


Generally, the Tribal Communities reside in and out the Forest Area. The Conservation and Management of Forest and Wildlife Habitats mainly depend upon them. If, they want to devastate, no Government or no other forces can check them. Hence, to obtain the whole-hearted support and earnest cooperation of the community, we have taken the following strategies to save the elephants as well as to save their lives:

  • We have formed Educative, Informative and Sensitized Community organizations in 60 villages in and out the Forest area to save their lives and emerge their involvement by motivation for Elephant Conservation.
  • We are providing livelihood support services to the poor tribal people to fight against Poverty, Hunger, Disaster and providing Food Security, Health Security, Financial Security, Social Security and Human Rights.
  • We are also having regular campaigns and motivating them to save the Nature, Environment, Biodiversity and all Wildlife animals for the resilience of Climate and to save the planet.
  • Sensitizing the Indigenous people on Gender equality, Rehabilitation of the People residing in Forest Area through socio economic programs so as to obtain the Community support and connecting them to “Hindu” Culture and Spiritualism to save the Elephants.
  • Creating water harvesting structures by our community members which will help the Forest to grow with, the wild animals for a healthy survival and sustainable use of water and production of “Food”.
  • The most important strategy we have taken that, we are always with the community and involved with their social traditions and cultural traditions as they want to live with comfort and enjoy the blossom of life with dancing, singing, taking country liquor and being involved with their merry-making, the more acceptance and support of the community is with us and we are utilizing them to fulfill our vision and mission.


Awareness campaigns are being done at Rushikulya River mouth and Astarang Sea-shore area of Bay of Bengal to save and protect the Marine Mammals like Shark, Whales, Dolphins and other endangered fish species and Marine Ecosystem. The relation of Blue economy to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the local context of Odisha as the world’s largest bay and the needs of locally-led efforts for blue growth are being discussed. Blue Economy is the new approach of sustainability in which the world acknowledged the role of our Oceans as the Carbon sink stabilizer of global climate, water cycle regulator and the catalyst of economic progress and human well-being. Discussions are being done on UN Sustainable Development Goals 14 and 15 which are very important .that, only a healthy Marine Ecosystem can offer ecosystem goods and services to increasing rate of population.
The following activities are under progress and implementation for the Healthy Marine Ecosystem and to provide different Livelihood support to the poor Marine dweller Stake-holder communities:

  • Awareness programmes and knowledge sharing are being done at the periphery area of Bhitar Kanika wildlife Sanctuary on conservation and protection of Mangrove Forest and its usefulness for human society to check the impacts of the Sea, reducing the Temperature, Soil erosion, increased Salinity and check the frequent Natural calamities like Floods, Cyclones and Tsunamis.
  • Special programmes and intensive approaches to Community Leaders are being done for Subsistence Agriculture Farming that needs no fertilizers and pesticides so as to keep the Ocean Healthy and ecologically sound.
  • The World Ocean’s Day is being celebrated each and every year on 8th June in collaboration with “Save Our Sea, Bangladesh”.
  • The Marine dwellers fisher communities are being advised not to destroy the Mangrove Forest which is only the most precious and benevolent support for their livelihoods.
  • The stake holder communities are also advised not to have over fishing and hunting of whales, sharks and Dolphins for their commercial use.
  • The communities are also advised to keep the coastal belt neat and clean so as to maintain a good eco-system of the ocean.
  • The communities are also provided with the feedbacks not to cooperate the ocean MAFIAs for hunting of the large fishes.


We are working with the Stakeholder Community to protect and conserve the ecosystem of the “CHILIKA” lagoon at the coastal belt of Bay of Bengal in Odisha State prioritizing on the following aspects:

  • Conservation of Lake Eco-system is to increase the density of fishes and shellfishes and check the human destructive interference and attitudes.
  • Forming a strong stakeholder­ based network by raising awareness and providing Livelihood support opportunities to the people depending upon the diverse range of natural resources and biodiversity conservation.
  • Conservation of Lake is meant for the sustainable ecosystem and to promote the socio-economic standard of the small farmers, marginal farmers and landless labourers with 40 % increase in their income in a regular manner.
  • To save the environment and make it ecologically sensitive by saving the Irrawaddy Dolphins, Biodiversities and the migratory Birds.
  • Creation of opportunities for the endangered wild animals of the Lake like Fishes, large number of migratory birds, turtles, oyster shell and crunch shell.
  • To highlight the impacts, issues and dimensions of lake eco-system and mapping to what extent it is sustainable for Climate Change, reducing the warming and to check the Soil-erosion.
  • It will check dangerous natural calamities like floods, cyclones, hurricanes, super cyclones and sea surges.
  • Over all, to check the ecological imbalance of the Lake as a token of National priority.


Climate means to a regular pattern of atmospheric condition that relates to temperature, humidity and environment. The word Climate should not be confused with “weather” because weather is the atmospheric condition of a place at a certain time. In other words weather is the other name of temperature, movement and humidity of Air. Temperature means to the measurement of warmth or coldness of the Air. Season is the average pattern of atmospheric condition of a place over few months. It is caused by the revolution of the earth round the sun. During the year, different parts of the earth’s surface face the sun for different periods of time. These periods are called season and the seasons change after two months. Humidity is the quantity of water vapors in the Air. The weather may change from hour to hour, but the Climate does not. The change in weather is caused by the temperature, movement of air and evaporation of water into vapor. Weather and Seasons are complementary to each other. Combination of the impacts of all seasons is called the Climate where as the seasons change at a duration of 2 months and Climate changes at a duration of 25 to 30 years. Seasons are always controlled by the Climate where as the Climate is mainly controlled by the atmosphere. When atmosphere is polluted, there will be a great impact on the ecosystem on the earth and it will create the Climate change resulting to environmental degradation and a physical change on the earth where all the Living creatures, Living world, Animal kingdom, vegetation world and the Natural resources shall be devastated, even there will be pressure on the Earth which is expected to be destroyed. The most devastating impact of climate change and its negative consequences is on the people in poor countries, even though it is mainly caused by the industrial countries. As a result of Climate change, natural calamities like droughts, floods and cyclones are seen which torture the poor people, destroy crops and hunger becomes more intense. This notion is the inspiration behind the creation which is to be admitted by all. Hence, the perpetual truth is that "what we expect is Climate and what we get is weather”. The Climate change is the consequences of Global warming caused by the increasing rate of population, fast-growing Industrialization and urbanization, use of plastic materials and the destructive actions of Human beings against the earth. Protecting the most important places on Earth is highly necessary because we depend on nature for everything. We often use the nature because of its value; but, unfortunately we lose nature because it is free. Hence, we are trying our level best to preserve the nature and to prevent the detriment and destruction of the natural conditions for the existence of human beings, animals and plants, water, land and the air; guided by the wish that all human beings have secure access to natural resources. We also plan to implement and promote the sustainable development projects in a constructive way which will help to strengthen our ecosystem for preserving the natural environment, green economies, renewable energies and protection of resources, protection of water, forest, air, oceans and climate.

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