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ARASMIN at a Glance

“ARASMIN”, the Tribal en-birth Civil Society Organization takes birth in a Tribal  belt during the year 1992 at the village Gressingia, adorning the villages and  hamlets of Tribal Communities and Schedule Caste Communities under  G.udayagiri Block of Kandhamal District in the State of ORISSA (INDIA). The  initiative was taken by a group of Qualified, Experienced and Service-oriented  Social Workers from different parts of the State as a token of their  commemoration. The Aims and objects if this Tribal en-birth organization is to  render dedicated and persistent services to those down-trodden communities for  their community reconstruction and all-round development by means of pacific  macro-policies, creating a commendable ideology and congenial atmosphere.  Since, then this Tribal en-birth organization is in practice of providing equality to  all communities and all citizens irrespective of Caste, Creed, Sex and Religion  and have the firm belief to sacrifice for the all round development of the hilly-  dwelling poor people. BACKGROUND OF THE ORIGIN:   “ARASMIN” can be reflected as a pioneering philanthropy to Grass root level  peoples organizations like Gram Unnayan Sanghas, Women Sanghas and Youth  Sanghas who can help themselves the best adopting participatory method. It  emphasizes on Social Reformation, Lively-hood Development, Economic  Empowerment, Education and Health Care of the Tribal community, which are the  shadows of the innocent mass. Acceleration to the above angles in a very  positive way will definitely generate an easy path to Food Security, Health  Security and Social Security; this is the only instrument ARASMIN has been  handling since the inception.    RECOGNITION: At the beginning ARASMIN was Recognized by Government of Orissa, Inspector  General of Registration, Orissa, Cuttack under Societies Registration Act’ XXI of  1860 during the year’ 1992-93.  Subsequently, it has got the Recognition from Government of India, Ministry of  Home Affairs under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act’ 1976 during the year’  1995-96.   Moreover, It has been Registered by Government of India, Commissioner of  Income Tax, Orissa, Bhubaneswar,  under section 12AA of Income Tax Act’ 1961  effecting from Ist April’ 2005.  It has got the permanent Approval under Section 80G(5)(vi) of Income Tax Act’  1961 by the Government of India, Commissioner of Income Tax, Orissa,  Bhubaneswar during the year’  2013-2014. The most attractive instrument that ARASMIN possess is the 100 % Tax  Exemption Approval under Section 10 (23C)(vi) of Income Tax Act’ 1961, approved  by the Govt. of India, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Orissa Region,  Bhubaneswar during the year’  2007-2008. It is also Registered under Pollution Control Act’ 1977 by the Central Pollution  Control Board, Government of India, Ministry of Forest and Environment during  the year 2005-2006.  ARASMIN has obtained the Permanent Account Number (PAN Card) bearing No-  AAAAA4918J provided by the Government of India, Department of Income Tax,  PAN Service Unit, Mumbai under the Income Tax Act’ 1961 during the year’  2006-  2007. Moreover, it has possessed the TAN Card bearing No-BBNA0086E, dated 25th   April’ 2007 under Section 206CA of Income Tax Act-1961, provided by the  Government of India, National Securities Depository Limited, Mumbai.   OUR GOVERNING BODY:  The Governing Body of the organization consists of seven members   including    the President, Vice-President, Secretary and the Treasurer. They are elected by the  members of the General Body. The entire Administrative control is entrusted to the  Governing Body and the Secretary is the authorized person-cum-representative of  the Governing Body to manage and look after the day to day affairs of the  organization.