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Our Research Programmes

ARASMIN has been engaged in Research activities like Bio-medical,  Environmental and Archaeological Research. The bio-medical studies comprise of  the characterization and analysis of gallbladder stones, human bone and teeth.  By doing the bio-medical research by our own team, we are able to provide  sufficient information on different kinds of gastro-intestinal and periodontal  diseases to the Researchers and the Technical persons of our society. Our  environmental studies are based upon the analysis and utilization of fly ash and  pond ash. We are at the elementary stage of this kind of research. When we will  realize that fly ash is really useful in lands as a soil manure, concrete and bricks  without any harmful effects, we will start the utilization of fly ash in our rural areas  and promote its utilization and as well solve the environmental pollution arising  due to fly ash. Moreover, elemental analysis of the ancient, medieval and modern  coins of different dynasty provided us many conclusions relating to the  archaeological studies. The composition of coins provides valuable information  on changes in monetary theory, economic conditions, material technologies,  political aspect, religion, cultural heritage and art of minting of that age. The  outcome of our research has been communicated for publication to various  journals of national/ International repute.          BIOMATERIALS RESEARCH:           [CENTRE  FOR FUNCTIONAL BIO-MATERIALS RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY]        This Research Centre focuses on the Preparation, Fabrication, Analysis and  Production of Artificial Organs of Biomaterials to be used in Human Body. The  Areas of Research include the following things:  i.  Bone Tissue Engineering. ii.  Control Drug Delivery. iii.  Bioactive and Biocompatible Coatings etc.            ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH:        [CENTRE FOR FOREST AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH]      The subjects of the Research programme is as follows:  i-  Forest Policy and Economics.  ii-  Biology and Conservation. iii-Tropical Biology and Conservation.  iv-Conservation of Forests and Climate Change.  v-Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).  vi-Wild Life Management and Conservation.  vii-Landscape Ecology and Veg. Management.