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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS: ARASMIN from the inception has been working on “Food Security, Human Rights, Protection of Forest and Environment, Anti-corruption, Women Empowerment (Gender Equalization) and Child Education” etc. We also feel it like a Global Challenge and continuing to work since last 20 years. LIVELY-HOOD EMPOWERMENT: The Tribal Lively-hood is based upon three basic elements called LAND, FOREST  and CULTURE. Land provides food for three to four months a year where as the  Forest provides food for eight to nine months and some times they go for wage  earning. Culture is the life of the Tribal people, but they are staying far away from  the culture. Hence, the lives of the Tribal people are not in a stable position. In  this juncture, we have involved them in different lifesaving activities in order to  save their lives.       EDUCATIVE COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS: In order to face the anti-social elements of the society we have organized 360  People’s Organizations like GRAM UNNAYAN SANGHAS and MAHILA SANGHAS  and working in a NET-WORKING system so as to face the Anti-social elements of  the Society and different type of hazardous situations.        FOOD SECURITY AND HEALTH SECURITY: All the poor Tribal people of this Tribal belt are the victims of severe exploitation.   Though, they strive hard from morning to evening in the Forest for their daily  bread, the entire benefits goes to the businessmen. They are also exploited in  different sectors of life by the village Touts, Government Officers, Contractors,  Financial Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations and some exterminatory  creatures as a result of which they do not get a peace meal per day. Hence, in  order to provide FOOD SECURITY and HEALTH SECURITY we have taken the  following strategies:        Establishment of KOTH FUNDS by the community members in order to make the  People free from LOANS, free from INTEREST burden, free from WANTS and over  all, availing the opportunity to meet their emergency needs.  DISASTER MANAGEMENT: Establishment of GRAIN BANKS by the Community members so as to face  the Disaster situations like DRAUGHT, FLOOD, CYCLONE or any NATURAL  CALAMITY.   Establishment of VILLAGE DEATH FUNDS by the Community so as to help all  individuals amongst them at the time of anybody’s death in their Family.          SOCIAL SECURITY: We are also providing Leadership Trainings to the men and women of  different villages so as to promote their Leadership quality in order to raise  their voice against EXPLOITATION and SOCIAL INJUSTICE.  The people are also being educated on protection and preservation of their  common property resources and to have its proper utilization.      FINANCIAL SECURITY: ARASMIN is not in support of the linkage programme like “Micro-Finance” which  spoils the lively-hood of the poor Tribal People. Hence, we have provided  matching grants to the hilly-dwelling poor Tribal women through their Sanghs to  go for different income generating programmes in order to improve and  strengthen their socio-economic condition which can be told as Economic  Revolution. Mainstreaming the rural women into different income generating activities  through training interventions and co-operative movement for alleviation of  their poverty.               FOREST AND ENVIRONMENT: Environmental degradation during the present days has     become a GLOBAL  ISSUE. Degradation of Forest, Extinction of Wild Animals, diminishing Biological  diversity and Raise of Temperature are an acute problem and the vital cause of  Environmental degradation. It is a broad concept which includes pollution of  various biological and physical components of the planet as a result of which the  entire world is going to be destroyed. Though the Clean Development Mechanism  (CDM) allows emission reduction projects in developing Countries to earn  Certified Emission-Reduction (CER) credits, the emission reduction targets of the  Kyoto Protocol Conference (CoP20) is not yet satisfactory.  The fact is that, actually from the inception the Tribal people have been residing in  Forest Area and they were the real owners of the Forests and Jungles and they  were taking the proper care of the same. But, in course of time being motivated  and misutilized by the Businessmen and wood MAFIAs they are in perseverance  of destroying the Forests and Jungles to surmount their poverty. But, they are the  real assets to save the nature.  In this juncture, we have thought it wise and gainful to work in conjunction with  the endangered Tribal Community and trying for acceleration and restoration of  Forest Landscape, Conservation of Biodiversity, protection of Nature, Control of  Pollution, Restoration of Environment and Climate Change. On the other hand,  the lives of all Wild Animals like Tigers, Elephants, Bears, deer, Monkeys, Wild  Bores and other Animals can be saved. All the village Forests are being  developed like Rain-Forest Model which will generate fresh Air, clean Water and  create a congenial atmosphere for the lives of all. Hence, vigorous awareness  campaigns with appropriate actions are being taken in a regular manner on  Restoration of Forest Landscape, protection of Environment and conservation of  Biodiversity.     WILD-LIFE CONSERVATION: ARASMIN is an active member of the “Wildlife Institute of India” and as such we are trying our level best to protect the Wild Animals and Wild Birds and migrated Birds so as to avoid different type of Natural Calamities, en-hazards and different diseases like Cancer, Asthma and Tuberculosis etc. in order to accelerate the human life-cycle. A regular awareness program is being conducted to stop Tiger poaching, Deer poaching and hunting of different Animals and Birds. We are also getting much more support from the Officers and Staff of the Forest Department of the Government of Orissa. LIVELIHOOD ALTERNATIVES: We have observed that lack of alternatives is another major reason of degradation of natural resources.  Ecology works to promote sustainable agriculture, non- timber forest products and community enterprise.  We are working to provide these alternative opportunities that improve the individuals and poor Community well-being. Hence, we are encouraging our Community members to have the subsistence Agricultural production that saves the lives of the Tribal people as well as the Planet. The details of the advantages of the subsistence Agricultural farming and production are mentioned hereunder: 1.  Practices of Land use: The Land use practice is generally horizontal and sometimes it is Vertical for the purpose of Subsistence Agricultural cultivation. 2. Crop Coverage: Suan Rice, Boro-Rice, Raggi, Maize, Black gram, Beans, Pea, Cowpea, Turmeric, Zinger etc. 3. Duration of the Crops: The duration of the crops are very less i.e. before 60 days except the Turmeric and Zinger. 4. Advantages/Opportunities: No need of more water. No need of fertilizer. Nutrition contents are more. Medicinal value is also there. Economic for cultivation. Easy to harvest. Palatable for consumption. Freedom pattern of cropping. Possibility of infection in less.  There is more demand for marketing.  Fertility of soil will not be destroyed. The best practice for climate change. Over all, the cultivation in Eco-friendly, Climate-friendly, Climate -resilient, Climate smart, Carbon smart, Water smart and Energy smart. HEALTH CARE AND HIV/AIDS:   We are providing Medical service assistance to the poor people in distress  like Delivery Cases and Other Emergency Cases in our Area of operation by  means of providing Ambulance service assistance.  Periodical Health Care camps, Eye care camps and Immunization camps are  being done in conjunction with the local Medical Officers and Distribution of  Vitamin-A and Albendazole tablets are in continuation.   Awareness campaigns are also being conducted from time to time on Pre-  natal and Post-natal care, Crude-birth, Children mortality, Lungs disease,  Family Planning and providing adequate technical knowledge on Health  Care. All the pregnant mothers are being advised for regular check-up of  their health at the nearest Hospital.  Special attention is being given on the preventive measures as well as  curative measures against the Contagious Diseases and specifically on  Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Malaria Fever which are very common in this  Tribal belt. Moreover, periodical awareness campaigns are being conducted  on sanitation and water born diseases.  We have been taking a dynamic role at Regional level and  National level for  control and eradication of Tuberculosis.  The people are being taught of the highest advantages of indigenous  medicinal plants and accordingly a number of people have raised Herbal  Garden at their door steps. Some Health tips are being given by the Village  Vaidyas (Experts) to the Tribal people so as to use the indigenous medicines  with out going to the Doctors.  Motivation camps are being conducted for the Children below 14 years  suffering from lungs disease by taking Cigarettes, Alcohol and Tobacco are  advised to leave up that habit.  All the people of this Tribal area are being provided with the technical know  how to check the pre-mature old age and pre-mature death.  The cancer patients are advised and guided to go to the SCB Medical  College, Cuttack for their treatment and  in case the patient is more serious,  is advised to go to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.  Our Animators are working as Peer Educators at field level and providing  regular Awareness on HIV/AIDS. More over, the HIV/AIDS patients and the  patients of other infectious diseases brought on migration are being  identified and sent to SCB Medical College, Cuttack.    [Photograph of some TB patients] WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION:  Water is the most precious gift of the Nature for Human lively-     hood as well as  the lively-hood of all creatures. But in this Tribal belt scarcity of water is seen as  an acute problem, because of the villages and hamlets are usually on hill tops  and slopes. The people depend upon some small streams which are the only  source of water. They store the stream water in a deep place called the “Chuan”  (Reservoir of stream water) which is an all support benefactor for their lively-  hood as well as all other creatures of the same locality. All the animals like  Cattle, Buffaloes, Sheep and Goats, Dogs, Jackals, all the birds and the wild  Animals use the water of the said Chuans (Reservoir of stream water). As a  result of this, the water becomes unhygienic and infected which creates a  number of water-born diseases like Diarrhea, Dysentery, Dyspepsia,  Constipation, Colic pain, Peptic Ulcer, Anemia, Edema, Pneumonia, Whooping  Cough, Typhoid, Para-typhoid, Malaria, Meningitis, Cancer, Sickle cell etc. The  infant mortality, children morbidity, pre-natal death and post-natal death and  Neurological disorders are also very prominent in this area.   In this endeavor observing the situation and needs of the poor Tribal People we are prioritizing on their drinking water facilities and creating opportunities for the People of all villages in conjunction with the concerned Block Development Officers and the Officers. Awareness campaigns are being done in a regular manner on Sanitation and Sanitary measures as well as to c save the water. Lobby and advocacy are also made at Government level for installation of deep wells and Tube wells. EDUCATION: We had established two permanent Educational Institutions to provide better  educational facilities to  the Tribal Boys and Girls in our area of operation.  Now, the Institutions from 2012 getting Grant-in-Aid from the Government are  very running smoothly. Women literacy centers are also organized and being managed by us for the  better acceleration of illiterate women mass.  We have established 50 (Fifty) Nos. of Adult Education Centers and  20  (Twenty) Nos. of village schools naming all the schools as ARASMIN Village  School, in order to facilitate the Adult persons and small children of  some  inaccessible villages to have their study at their own villages. All these  institutions are running on people’s contribution.  HUMAN RIGHTS:   Since time immemorial, the Tribal people are being dominated and sneered by the  Non-Tribal community which has become a common practice for the Government  machinery also. Hence, they are neglected to an extreme extent and being  deprived of getting their legitimate claims and welfare projects and have become  voiceless under circumstances.   In view of the above facts, periodical meetings and awareness campaigns are  being conducted so as to educate the people on their Social Rights, Human  Rights and Legal-aid aspects.  We are activating the Government welfare projects in order to assist the people  for availing the opportunity of Drinking Water facility, Indira Awas houses, Ration  Cards, Old-age Pension and widow pensions etc., very fast.  The Tribal people possessing the forest lands since 50 years back are not in  receipt of the Record of Rights. Hence, all the Community Organizations in our  area of operation are taking combined effort at official level to acquire the Record  of Rights.  All the poverty affected people of this area are going on seasonal Migration and  returning with different type of contagious diseases like Tuberculosis and  HIV/AIDS etc. Hence, appropriate actions are being taken to check the Migration  and Displacement. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: Trafficking of women in this Tribal belt is a very common issue. The Socio-  economic condition of the family is told to be the vital cause of the fact, but  derivation of culture is another vital cause of the same. The Tribal girls, coming in  contact with the non-Tribal culture are trying to make up themselves with high  cost cosmetics for which their socio-economic condition does not permit. Hence,  they are keeping some illicit relation with some unsocial non-Tribal rich Persons,  Contractors, Teachers and the Government servants. But, in course of time, they  are neglected and left with one or two children. Hence, unwed mother tradition  prevails in this Tribal belt.  Some of the Mafias showing the attraction of Money or job are taking the Tribal  girls to outside and selling them there at a higher price. Hence, we are having  regular Awareness programmes and interactions with the women mass on Legal-  Aid services, Gender equalization, Women Empowerment and Girl trafficking etc.  so as to avoid such unpredictable situations.       CHILD DEVELOPMENT: We are in a regular process of taking care and developing the career of the  children in our Area of operation. The following activities are in operation to  assist the poor Tribal Children.  i.  Providing integral Education on different aspects of the society along with  their study by means of regular interaction at School level and College level  in a strtegic manner.  ii.  Awareness Campaigns are being conducted on Child Rights and the  privileges offered by the Government in a strategic way.    iii.  Prophylactic measures are in continuation to make the Children Socially and  Culturally powerful.  iv.  Providing different type of medicines like Vitamin-A, Proteins, Minerals and  Albendazole in conjunction with “VitaAngel”, USA.  v. Protecting the Children from Child abuse and providing support to the  parents of Child labours.  vi.  We have established some Village Nursery centers and High Schools for  providing general education to the unprivileged poor Tribal children.  vii.   After all, to protect the Child Migration, awareness and empowerment  programmes are being conducted in a regular manner.                CULTURE AND SPIRITUALISM:  Culture is the most important aspect of Tribal Lively-hood. The ancient people  were abided by the law of their culture and tradition and were getting lot of  benefits out of the same. For example, the Tribal life cycle i.e., from birth to death  was being celebrated through their cultural tradition which was very economic,  scientific and based upon spiritualism. They had the faith that, if they do not  worship the Forest, the forest will never give them its produces and they will be  attacked by the Tigers, Bears or /and snakes, if they do not worship the Earth, the  earth will never provide them good crops and if they do not worship the Goddess  of the village, they cannot save themselves and their domestic animals from  different type of fatal diseases, contagious diseases and different type of natural  calamities. But, in present situation the Tribal people being diverted to Non-Tribal  Culture are staying far away from their own culture. So, they are taking their own  consequences. In view of this fact, we are having regular inter-action with the people in their  periodical meetings and inspiring them to worship their own goddess in proper  traditional method and preserve their culture so as to take the best advantages of  the same. Overall, some feedbacks are being given on SPIRITUALISM like TRUTH,  YOGA and PRANAYAM which will accelerate their life cycle and give them the  peace. In addition all the people are advised to pay respect to their priests so as to  satisfy their goddess and get the blessings of the Goddess.         REGIONAL NETWORKS:   The Regional Networks are formed since long and functioning smoothly. All the  Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and village activists of all concerned V.D.S.  and M.S. are attending the meetings regularly and sharing the problems and  situations of their own villages for a meticulous discussion. But, though the Net-  works are not in dormant position, have not taken any direct action or actions as  deemed proper against the Anti-social elements because the socio-economic  situation of all the people have not come to a better position. Moreover, the people  of the adjacent villages those who are not incorporated to our programmes, will  suffer a lot. Secondly, they will be instigated and encouraged by the Sundhis and  Sahukars to go against the people of our programme villages and oppose them in  every sphere of life. Moreover, the most import things are that the poor tribal  people can not create the source at present for marketing of their own products  directly. Ultimately, they will have to go to the Sundhis and Sahukars. In this Tribal  District all the markets, Big or small are controlled by these Sundhis and  Sahukars. So, the people will never get genuine rate of their product.Hence,  considering from each and every angle of vision, the Net-work do not proceed  forward to take direct action against the Sundhis and Sahukars at present and  think it wise to wait till the people come to stronger position.