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PROFILE OF THE AREA: The area of operation of the organization is the entire State of Orissa but taking into  consideration of the precarious situation in Tribal Lively-hood we have chosen the  Tribal belt and working for the all round development of the poor Tribal community.  The life situation of the hilly-dwelling poor Tribal People in the Tribal belt of ORISSA,  initiatives were taken to enter into the process of forming one Non-Governmental  Organization. Actually, the situation of the poor Tribal people is out of imagination  and so precarious that they do not get any alternative path to overcome the same.  Though a number of decades have passed and countless Development programmes  are adhered by the Government machinery no such tangible and visible changes are  seen with the poor Tribal people and nobody takes a keen interest to find out the  real cause of their sorrows and sufferings. In this juncture, we have taken an  aggressive step and collective effort by means of a Networking system of five NGOs  to provide them a peaceful Livelihood and to bring them to the mainstream of the  present society. The incorporated N.G.O friends are working adjacently to our area  of operation and the important feature of this Networking is to encounter the Anti-  social elements exploiting the poor Tribal people and looting their lively-hood.  Moreover, this Networking system provides us a common scientific way of thinking,  taking decisions in a collective manner and conducting training programs and  workshops in a common platform. The major objects of the program are displayed  here under as an emerging process.  To keep the poor Tribal people far away from loans and exploitations which are  the most detrimental elements of Tribal lively-hood.  To strengthen the socio-economic and socio-cultural status of the poor Tribal  people in order to merge them in the mainstream of present society and lead a  peaceful life.  To preserve their rights on LAND, FOREST and CULTURE which are the baseline  elements of the Tribal lively-hood.  To provide Social Security, Financial Security and Health Security in order to  challenge the Anti-social elements counter-parting the accelerations.  Overall, to provide FOOD SECURITY, HEALTH SECURITY, SOCIAL SECURITY  and FINANCIAL SECURITY and to protect the Lively-hood of the poor Tribal  people. GEOGRAPHICAL STRUCTURE:  The Headquarters of “ARASMIN” is in the District of KANDHAMAL which is almost  on the heart of the State of ORISSA having its Administrative Office at  G.UDAYAGIRI, about 220 kms away from the State Headquarters “BHUBANESWAR” in the route of Bhubaneswar – Bhawanipatna via : Bhanjanagar and 125 kms away  from Berhampur Railway Station towards Bhawanipatna via : Bhanjanagar.           The Geographical existence of the District is in a zig-zag because of the villages and  hamlets are usually on hill tops and slopes having been surrounded by dense  forests and hills. The District covers an area of 11,094 sq kms out of which 8365 sq  kms are covered with valleys, hills and mountains. The land shape is of a peculiar  type having ups and downs with hard soil. It is situated in a higher altitude of 3200  fts above the sea level. The ray of the sun is rarely seen during rainy season and  winter season. Hence, the climatic condition of this area is very cold and the  atmosphere maintains sub-normal temperature regularly. The Hills, Valleys and the  Rivers are the barriers to communication facility which is the baseline element of  development. Cultivable lands are rarely seen in the area. All most all the hilly-  dwelling inhabitants belong to Schedule Tribe and Schedule Caste and their socio-  economic condition is very precarious. Their existence and survival depends upon  the forest produces only. TARGET GROUPS: All the Tribal Districts in our area of operation are predominated by the primitive  Tribal people called “KANDHAS”, “SAURAS” and a very few of Scheduled Castes.   They are very simple and very innocent by nature. Since time immemorial they had  been living very peacefully and very cheerfully with their own resources and own  cultural tradition. Nature was their friend and Forest was the lap of their mother and  it was an all support benefactor to them. The existing lands adjacent to particular  villages were almost occupied and cultivated by the primitive Tribal people and  there was no restriction for the same. So, it is clearly revealed that the Tribal  livelihood was based upon three basic elements such as Land, Forest and Culture.  They were having strong faith upon their Goddesses, the Dharni Penu (Goddess of  Earth) and Saaru Penu (Goddess of Jungle) and were being blessed for a common  lively-hood. Moreover, the primitive Tribal people were far away from the mainstream  of the present society. Though they were illiterate, ignorant and innocent by nature,  their lively-hood was up to a remarkable standard and worth-observing. Since  inception, we have been working in conjunction with these poor Hilly-dwelling Tribal  Communities. Some specific social portraits and characteristics of the people of this  area seems to be prominent are displayed here under.   Addiction to country liquor makes them out of the social environment and  lively-hood development track.  Innocence and depression make them out of getting social justice.  Dependency upon loans and borrowings has increased to an extreme extent. Blind belief and witchcraft invites their misery and misfortune.  More or less, untouchability is another standing curse to social  emancipation.  Pollution in community life stands as a bar to development.  Lack of knowledge in Child Care leads the children to be addicted to country  liquor and smoking.  Innocence and blind-belief are the root cause of their deteriorating socio-  economic condition.  Lack of engagement facility is a barrier to socio-economic growth.  Lack of Education and lack of knowledge are the major problem to their  social life management.  People are exploited by the followers of the political leaders due to their  illiteracy.  Lack of entertainment facility forces them to be exploited by the external’s  entertainment programs.  Welfare projects and opportunities provided by the Government hardly reach  the poor people as the severe exploitation stands as a barrier.  TRIBAL WOMEN IN SOCIETY:  The Intellectual mass of the present world have come to a conclusion that the only  strategy to development of the Nation is the development of women. This broad  spectrum is not only based upon the thoughts but felt as a real need for the present  society. But, the Tribal women are more conscious, more labourious and more pain-  taking than the women in General Category. The ancient history tells about the role  specification of women in domestic life as a catalyst to the family. Especially in this  Tribal belt women are dedicating towards the very threshold of life and others are  enjoying the rights and privileges in a common platform of the society. They are  playing a descriptive and dramatic role on Social, Cultural and Economical  development of the family which has a great influence on the Nation. Apart from  their unending long run they have to afoot for their daily bread and butter.  Meanwhile, their conjugal and In-laws remain idle in unusual merry-making waiting  for their return awaited for their rest domestic affairs. This is the real situation of  the Tribal women of this Tribal belt.    But, regret to mention that in course of time they are suppressed, oppressed and  threatened of their traditional ties and bondage by their own conjugal and In-laws  and are kept in the darkness of a terrible dungeon, condemned of speech and  expression. As a result of these sheer deceits they are a long way away from  conventional social life by becoming slaves under circumstances. Hence, due to  want of active participation of women the Tribal society has come to a deteriorating  stage. After some decades of independence, the society has realized the importance and  role specification of women in present situation and has determined to get them out  of this terrible dungeon and to merge them in the mainstream of life. It is also  worth-admittance that the emblematical activities of women shall have an inter-  action on social emancipation and spirit of National integration at the same time.  In the same anomaly it is felt-worthy and apt prioritizing the “Education”, the only  media to change the life situation of women and to make them proficient enough to  build up the society as well as the Nation.