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OUR VISION AND MISSION:   A bird-eye-view that “ARASMIN” always locates the bare necessities to better  livelihood, socio-economic revolution, Health Care amenities, Improvement in  Education, Protection of Environment, Human Rights and Issue-based entangles  those have been hammering the backbone of the present society, where women and  the children are the major weakness to re-act with the society and to enhance a   measurable step.   The missionary zeal of our team claims to have a projection so called our ultimate  mission. Our bottom-up approach and situational approach to imperil the standing  elements counter parting the accelerations. Hence, inceptions of development  replace it with fruitful streams to join the mainstream. The above indication is mainly  for the suppressed and oppressed mass of the society.    OUR IDEOLOGY: As regards to the Ideology of our Organization, We believe that HEALTH, WEALTH  and EDUCATION are the baseline element of Development. Unless all these three  tracks are implemented simultaneously, our goals and objects will never be fulfilled.  In this connection, We prefer to take-up the projects prioritizing on the development  of base line Elements.  OUR PHILOSOPHY: ARASMIN”, when alphabetically split and translated to its objectives revives its  background and origin with three triangular actions. These actions are originated  observing the pollution in social inheritance, which will definitely create hurdles and  en-hazards for the new generations. Hence, priority is given to safeguard the social  change and once the social derivation is protected and promoted it can erupt  multiple of branches to development.  In view of the above fact, ARASMIN is always around the philosophy that a shadow  follows behind the “Development” like all other visible things. Hence, our  philosophy is divided into two parallel tracks called “PRESERVATON AND  ACCELERATION” Versus “ABOLITION AND ERADICATION”. Unless both the tracks  are implicated simultaneously, our entire goal shall be disrupted abruptly.  OUR STRATEGY: ARASMIN”, usually adopts the strategy of involving the local Community  organizations at all situations like planning, Implementation, Supervision and  Evaluation etc., in course of launching any project. It has got faith upon people-  oriented exuberances.     OUR GOLDEN DREAMS:      To establish a classless Society in order to bring Peace, Harmony and Social  Emancipation and taking sincere initiative for the rehabilitation of the poor  families.  To save the poor People from severe Exploitations and sheer Deceits and  make them self-supportive by raising their voice against Exploitation and  Social injustice.  Creation of Transformational Leadership for preservation of HUMAN RIGHTS  to fight against Corruptions and support the Labour Class People which are  the Global Priorities.  Launching sustainable Developmental Projects like Protection of Environment  and Wildlife, Conservation of Biodiversity, Nature, Water, different Species  under extinction, Ecological Imbalance, Climate Change and Forest Landscape  Restoration to Save the People and Save the Planet.  Providing Food Security by means of introducing new Scientific technology on  Agricultural productions and promoting the Subsistence Agriculture.  Creation of opportunities  for Health Security and providing Health Care  Services on prevention and control of Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Malaria,  Meningitis, Diabetes and other Contagious diseases.  To provide integral EDUCATION to the Boys and Girls by means of  establishing different Educational Institutions for the acceleration of their  career development.  Mainstreaming the Rural women into development through socio-economic  enhancement programmes and to save them from different social en-hazards  through gender equalization. To extend whole-hearten support and co-operation for the Rehabilitation of  Destitute, Widows, Divorcee, Child labour, Neglected Children,  Deaf and Blind  Persons, Disabled Persons, Neglected senior Citizens, Bonded Labour and to  check the Migration and Displacement.  To make Lobby and Advocacy before the Government Officers, Political  Persons, Advocates other eminent persons of the society in order to help the  people on availing their Human Rights, ROR and other Welfare Projects.  To motivate and organize the Human relationship through CULTURE and  SPIRITUALISM amongst the people incase of any Communal instability in  order to bring Peace, Harmony, and National Integration.  To establish some Educational Institutes for the poor Tribal Children from  Nursery to C.B.S.E. standard.  To provide Drinking water facility to almost all villages in our area of operation  in order to save the people from the tremendous water-born diseases.     FUNDING SOURCES:   Since 1994, “ARASMIN” is functioning with the patronizing support of the Donor  Agencies and Friends of the overseas countries. It has got strong faith upon  dedication and commitment for which it will never face any financial scarcity in  future also. We also invite the Donor Agencies, Financial Institutions, Non-  Governmental Organizations and the like-minded Benefactors to merge with our  expeditions and work in a partnership system.